Season of Preparation

Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan
Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan

Highly overwhelmed with options when I first got back from, Thailand and Cambodia, all I wanted was to be back in South East Asia.  I wanted to be back on Haad Rin Beach having dance battles with fire spinners under the stars, arm wrestling the local Thai girls.  I wanted to be back in the place where the roads were backwards but made sense and I rode a motorbike everywhere I went; feeling more freedom than I ever have in my whole life.  While Thailand was a blast, my heart most of all ached to be back with the human I discovered in Cambodia.  My grandpa, and friend Cecelia may laugh at this statement because I was emailing the both of them furiously my first day in Cambodia things like, “I wish I planned differently, I can not spend a whole week in this town,” and “I don’t like it here, it is polluted, the foods not as good, the people are more aggressive.”

Since I was there, I had to give it a chance. I went on a walk with two girls from the dorm room I was staying in, and this charming kiwi boy by the name of Sam Day approached us.  He greeted us with a huge welcoming smile on his face, “Hello ladies!! What are your plans this evening?!”

Turns out Sammy boy was involved with a group of friends from New Zealand that started a Pub Crawl in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I wasn’t feeling like drinking at the time, but I love to dance. So that evening a group of us went down to X-bar where the crawl starts from.  By the second bar I had continually noticed one specific guy.  Soon enough Oliver and I were shooting pool; much to my delight, hand in hand, we led the pack of pub crawlers to the next bar, while he sang lion king into a mega phone. Hah, Sometimes Chemistry can change the way you see a place.  Oliver and Sam were flat mates, I moved in with them the next day. Suddenly a week didn’t seem too long, it seemed like not long enough.  I ended up changing the last two weeks of my travel around, flying back to Cambodia so we could have more time together.


I could ramble on about the rare beautiful connection we had, but I’ll spare you the sap.

The point is, I went away, had all collection of amazing experiences, and I came back feeling confident to explore more land on this beautiful earth.  At the same time I longed to be back where I already was with my lover, yoga student, and partner in crime.

Just over a month has past, and now that my emotional high has leveled out I am starting to plan my next big trip.  I am Accepting that rushing back to Thailand to dance on beaches, or back to Ollie, probably isn’t the best way to continue seeing the world.  The beaches aren’t going anywhere and if the connection was meant to come back around, it will.


Here is my new idea, chase summer around the globe for a year.  Sort of an audacious goal some might think. I laughed it off a little when I first had the idea day after Christmas driving from Chico to Palo Alto to spend some time with another dear friend Sarah Beth.

I believe the mind is very powerful so I have started asking myself, “If I were to achieve that.. What would it look like? Where would I start? How much would I need saved?”

During my first bout of world travel I explored Thailand and Cambodia.  This trip was a paradigm shifter.  The moment I was air born from SFO I joined the 36% of United state citizens that actually leave the United States.  Despite my own nerves or anyones opinion, I was capable.  Within days I learned I could survive in a far away land, in a place where english was not everyone’s first language.  This small, but powerful thought created confidence in my ability to navigate a foreign country.

On my current hit list in no particular order I want to explore…

Fiji, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Bali, India, Malaysia, Philippines.

I am open to suggestion, and plan on researching neat places that surround those locations.  Now I am physically mapping out these locations and seeing what rout makes the most sense geographically. After that, I will cross reference that against when the weather is best in each spot.

That is as far as I have made it yet.


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