Harness your self-image

Sometimes it is nice to leave the filter at the door and enjoy something just as it is.
Sometimes it is nice to leave the filter at the door and enjoy something just as it is.

I think most people would agree life with a healthy self-image is far more pleasurable and stimulating than life with a big mouthed, self-destructive critique in our head.  We all have an image of self, and we decide every day whether it is a good one or bad one.

Majority of your success in cultivating a positive self-image lies in where you let your thoughts linger, so it would be truly helpful if without conscious effort we could list off things that we love and appreciate ourselves for every day.

I am on a quest to be a better version of myself everyday so I have created and filled in a personal work sheet of things I think would be beneficial in my quest for universal improvement and expansion. Now I am not working off any scientific lab research here, but I truly believe giving thanks where thanks are due, and being aware of areas that need strengthening can have a long lasting positive ripple effect through out ones life.

List 5 things you appreciate about your body & personality


  1. My freckles
  2. Flexibility
  3. My hair (Color, length, texture)
  4. From head to toe I love my physique.
  5. Eyes (shape & color)


  1. Witty
  2. Brave
  3. Goofball/Energetic
  4. Motivated/Driven
  5. Free Spirit

List 5 things that could use improvement mentally & physically?


  1. Compassion for myself
  2. Sympathy/empathy for others
  3. Short term memory could use sharpening
  4. Knowledge in areas of interest can be expanded; yoga, diet, blogging.
  5. Language skills


  1. Core strength specifically obliques.
  2. My chest and shoulders could use opening.
  3. Controlled breathing
  4. Whiter teeth
  5. Hips need opening

With all these things in mind I have developed a personal 21 day challenge that I am putting on blast for everyone to see to help me keep focused.  So here is whats going down starting April 13th, for 21 days I am devoting my time to deepening my yoga practice with intent of working on my bodies problem areas (shoulders & core strength).  I will clear my mind of garbage, filling it with knowledge.  To make space for the person I want to become I will have to give up things in my current lifestyle.  For 21 days my serving job in Oakdale will be put on pause, I will not smoke weed, or drink alcohol.  I will start my day by going over all the things I love about myself in a 5 minute self guided meditation, listen to informational audios during my drive time, practice spanish for 30 minutes every day, read a book a week, work on my handstands. Over the course of 21 days that sums up to…

  • 105 min of self guided meditation
  • Approximately 45 yoga classes
  • 10.5 hours of Spanish
  • Minimum of 24 hours spent listening to informational material
  • 3 books in the memory bank

How will I keep motivated? Rewards! Now a dream of mine would be that when I complete this challenge changed, grown, and inspired, then my yoga teacher training would be funded by some source outside of me. That is purely a girl dreaming.

Things I will treat myself to upon completion…

  • 3 new sports bras
  • 2 new pair of yoga spandex
  • 1 new yoga mat
  • Bose Airplane headphones


I am realizing in order to achieve these audacious goals and levels of self discipline I would be wise to eliminate as much of the outer world distraction as possible.  I think most would agree that a smart phone is a huge time sucker.  Yes it is handy, but there was a time when they didn’t exist, and people got on with life just fine.

If I did it at burningman I can do it in the
If I did it at burningman I can do it in the “real world”… right?

Bearing this in mind I have chosen to not only detox from the internet, but also my smart phone. YES- that means I will have to get to and from destination without relying on GPS.  I will have to buy an alarm clock, and a wrist watch, but this means I will completely mentally free in SOO many ways.  I honestly am probably not even aware of the amount of time I spend wrapped up in texting, Instagram, and editing photos FOR Instagram.  It has become so second nature and unconscious that I am certain most people would be shocked if they saw the hour number of how much time they actually spent gazing into their phone every week.

Also a friend recently taught me the basics of sacred geometry, and it really peaks my interest. I am going to do a drawing per day incorporating some of it’s basic principles.

One thought on “Harness your self-image

  1. Selflessness is the ultimate goal, serving less fortunate. There is opportunity everywhere in the world for this. Orphanages galore. It’s called love . I love u every day all the time unconditionally. Go and be all you can be little Dragonfly. If you want to spend time with me, just let me know. I can come to you.


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