Harnessing (week 2)


Week two of my self imposed 21 day challenge is coming to a close.

It has been somewhat of a roller coaster.  Being happy and thankful toward myself one second for taking such a leap and disconnecting so much from modern technology, to feeling alienated and wishing I had a way to contact certain people who’s numbers I didn’t think to write down before I went social media AWAL.


One thing that has brought me peace in gaps between classes is I planted my first garden!  I haven’t been known to be a very good plant mom, so hopefully these little guys turn some decent crop in a month or two.

As of lately my dreams are coming by weirder and more vivid than ever. I credit that to not smoking weed.  And I am noticing that my body is considerably more open, which is amazing.

With one week left, I feel a sense of dread because I don’t want it to end.  At the same time I feel a sense of motivation because now I know for sure that I would like yoga to be a foundation for my daily lifestyle and I look forward to the open minded aware humans that will be drawn into my life through this pursuit.

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