Harnessing (week 3)


Today concludes day 21 of my 21 day challenge to a better me.

Being told to slow down has never settled well with me but it seems to be generally when I start getting in the groove of something my body wigs out in one way or another.  This time it is my SI joint. Apparently one major way to injure this joint is hyper-mobility. Well folks- if there is one thing I have been demanding of my body in the last three weeks, it is a crap ton of movement.  Pushing my body in positions it has never been before, asking it to twist directions and stay there.  Post mentioning this pain to one of my yoga instructors, I was told to cool it on the yoga in the beginning of the week.

So my yoga bender took on a new form of…


Which I find sort of ironic, since in my initial creations of this whole operation one of the weaknesses I acknowledged was my inability to show myself compassion.  I guess that was the universes way of smacking me on the ass and forcing me to show myself a little more love.

Does listening to my instructor and my body and laying off the vinyasa classes for a day mean I failed my whole challenge? The critic in my head wants to say, “Yes, you stinking slacker!”  But in reality I pushed my body a little to intensely and listening to its warning signs and allowing it a day of pure rest benefited me in more ways then one.  Listening to people who have my best interest strengthened my inner wisdom, and gave me a chance to reconnect with my bigger dreams in this world.  Sometimes setbacks are only setbacks if you shine a negative light on them.  My body is more delicate than I like to think it is and this is the second time I have had this brought to my attention this month, so I am going to proceed through my physical embarkments with a little more mindfulness.

The stillness of No Yoga Class Wednesday haunted me a tad,  I thrive off human connection, I know this about myself.  With grandpa gone on a trip the house got pretty quiet and my mind got pretty loud.  It wasn’t until I got a surprise email from my dear friend Courtney that I regained perspective and enjoyed my low key ME time.

Yes- it is freeing as all hell to have no phone, no face book, no apps.  Mostly it is freeing when your in the presence of other people.  I have noticed, me not having a phone makes the people I have spent time with less compelled to get lost in their phones while we are together.

Can I just say it?!? IT IS #FUCKINGAWESOME

How often do you see couples and friends out together, staring at phones, side by side, in a silent mindless daze.  Company like that adds no value to the life experience… Please believe I do not say this lightly, I’ld rather be at home alone.

I digress.

My perspective on eating has shifted a great deal, while I look forward to eating my world famous dairy free veggie nachos in moderation, going Paleo (and excessive yoga, I’m sure) has given my lower abdomen definition that I didn’t realize was possible (it already looked pretty tight, no pun intended).  It’s like 4lbs of I don’t know what, melted away from I don’t know where.  I feel great. I look great. Thats enough for me.

Also very exciting: I learned I love raw cashew nuts and unsweetened apple sauce is the shit!!

Check out this salad!

Baby spinach, avocado, raw cashews, prawns, strawberries, blueberries, cherries. Topped with grilled onions and garlic.
Baby spinach, avocado, raw cashews, prawns, strawberries, blueberries, cherries. Topped with grilled onions and garlic.

Can I get a… NOM! NOM! NOM!

With time to think and explore what moves me, a dream has become clearer as a future ambition.  One day I would like to bring yoga to children on a community level (maybe global!! 😮 ).  Remember being a kid?  I know the older you are the harder it is to tap into that element of life, but I encourage you old people to try, hah.  I still do and I remember one thing that can be so challenging about it is the lack of control you have over your environment.

Yoga is more than a physical work out. It can be mentally and emotionally transformative.

Children have no control whether their born into an impoverished country, a home full of neglect or if their exposed to violence, they do have control over the mindset they wake up with every morning.

Instead of turning a cold shoulder to the world as a defense mechanism, or repeating the vicious cycle, they can be taught how to love themselves through a yoga practice.  Everyone has the ability in them to learn how to utilize their body in unison with their breath to tune out surroundings and create space for a thriving soul.

If I could shed light to even one child that everything exploding around them isn’t their own and ultimately they have the power to not carry the burdens of their environment, then I think there would be something to be said for that.

Especially with technology running the course it is the younger generations more and more will seek filling their home voids in sad superficial ways. I would like to show them a different way. Instill healthy mind balancing habits at an age where creating a habit can change the direction of a whole life.

Sort of an audacious goal.  But it is something that is on my heart that I want to pursue in one way or another.

Thanks for tuning in.


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