Cruise Control


Cruise control.
Let go of resistance.
Space. Source. Love.
Be here now in this instance.
Connected by soul to all my brothers and sisters.

Hello! From Sacramento, California.

I unpacked yesterday.  I have14169493_10153862016236769_1699155137_n to admit I feel a touch anxious to be diving back into the work force this Monday.  Considering I spent the better half of the last two years in one way or another dedicated to discovering myself and exploring new territory on our globe.  I have been so committed to ‘going’ and movement that I can’t really remember how it feels to be stationary in a location that I am %100 fully committed to for a lengthy amount of time.  Also I have never in my life had such a strong network of top notch friends so close to each other.

What ultimately led me to Sac?

Well- It first rose as a possibility in my thoughts when I road tripped California in 2014 and visited my first roommate Christine and her now finance Nick at their home in Midtown.  I am pretty big on surrounding myself with inspiring people and Christine is the first woman who I crossed paths with as a young adult that left such a profound impression on me in all the right ways.

Christine’s kitten, Bernard, when I stayed in the guest room two years ago!

So fast forward two years: past the solo road trips, several trips abroad, yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, and many other spontaneous adventures. I found myself back in the country staying at Grandpas and initially I felt a bit in limbo because I had met someone in Australia that I was all about making a partnership work with and it was a drawn out process to find out the feelings weren’t mutual.  Once I accepted that my Kiwi fling was in fact not my future husband and I wouldn’t be moving back to Australia for him I started feeling like it was time to create a nest and stay put.  While Oakdale has been an amazing environment for growth as a professional in the yoga industry and I have gotten to create a relationship with my grandpa that I treasure dearly, it has never felt like a place I truly wanted to plant roots.  I mean the closest Trader Joe’s is literally 35 minutes away. Sad.

Any who through the spring and into summer Sacramento started calling to me in the form of amazing friendships.  Making frequent visits I have had an incredible support system of humans create a platform for me to spread my wings here.

Things do tend to break down before they build up.  Three weeks ago I managed to total my grandpas Cadillac.  Man oh man, wrecking a car that is yours sucks, wrecking someone else’s car super sucks.  Shortly after that I found out that my mom quit paying the storage that I share with her so September 17th, 2016 the things I set aside two years ago to restart a home one day are being actioned off.

I don’t care about the material things at this point I have moved on.  I more so feel saddened that my mom had been lying and telling me it was all taken care of.  In all reality she’s been on a path of severe struggle for the better part of four years now so if I really wanted to keep my things safe I wouldn’t have taken the risk, it is what it is.  I hope she finds what she’s looking for in life.

So two weeks ago I found myself with a new car and less material crap.  Then between watching my nephew in Sonoma I was going to Sac to seek out some potential income.  I interviewed for three jobs in one day and by that evening I had three job offers.  Wowza!

Hello transition of epic proportion.  I am diving fully back into esthetics at two different spas, one of which also offers yoga.  So I’ll be developing myself professionally in esthetics while I build a yoga following. Say what?! 😉

In the past I have resided on the extreme end of workaholism, which I would like to steer clear of this go around.  I am excited to sink into this area as the human that I am today.  I plan to prioritize family and take time for myself.

Cruise control. 

Let go of resistance. 

Space. Source. Love. 

Be here now in this instance.

Connected by soul to all my brothers and sisters.


Oh yeah and how could I forget…

Bernard and I now. hah. #roomies

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