Dating Apps & Coffee shop Compliments

I think it is safe to say we live in a strange world these days.  Technology exploding new apps and gadgets in efforts to make daily life more simple/efficient.

I have always had a certain resistance to online dating.  Maybe it’s because back in 1997 my mom fell in love with another man from Boston in an AOL chat room, while married to my father still.  Or maybe my resistance stems from a societal concept that it is more romantic to meet someone in the flesh and be drawn to each other by a genuine connection.

I think we can all agree that when you work full time to support yourself and have hobbies and friendships to maintain, that finding time to get out and meet new people can be a challenge.

I have it in my head that I want to meet the person that I will spend the rest of my life with, like yesterday.  Now that I am not traveling and am in one place until further notice that is a more realistic desire.  I have been out a few times with a few people, but when it comes to finding a companion, timing is of the essence.  People are busy, people are coming from all differnt experiences.  While I am great at being solo and I am happy by myself.  I’m human and I need attention, and things haven’t been drumming along quite at a pace that tickles my fancy.  I was encouraged to give a dating app a try by multiple friends.

So I did.

Receiving 35 instant emails from people I would probably not likely chat with in real life felt pretty overwhelming, but I was bored, I want romance, and I want a companion.  So I spent some time reluctantly sifting through the crap.

I exchanged numbers with one guy who seemed interesting.  He had traveled a similar rout in Thailand so I figured we at least both had common ground, we chatted but never connected.  Then I got coffee with one other guy who was a nice human, but not my style.  After that coffee connection I deleted the App, and figured I just need to relax and let things happen naturally in real life.

A few days later while sitting outside a coffee shop I noticed a handsome dude about to walk by.  I am not a shy chick and who doesn’t like receiving compliments?  So I looked at him and said, “You’re handsome.”

We chit chatted, exchanged numbers, and just like that I had made a connection in real life.  It felt refreshing. We met for drinks that night, he brought his roommate and his roommate brought his lady of interest.  I wouldn’t say handsome dude and I had much of a spark, but I enjoyed my time with him and his friends.

The next morning I woke up with a text from the traveling guy I never met but exchanged numbers with from the dating app.

At 1:44am, “Good seeing you tonight.”

I thought, wrong girl homie.

Then it clicked.  The handsome guys roommates name was Chris and so was this guys.  -_-


So what are the chances that in all of Sacramento the human I say hello to in real life is roomies with the one I gave my number to on the dating App?!?

When dating apps and coffee shop compliments collide!!!  What are the chances?!

It is safe to say it is a strange world we live in.  I think maybe the universe just did me a favor because I’m sure based off the roommates personality and sense of humor I would have found myself into him if we had connected, and he appeared  relatively taken the night I met him.  So I am glad I didn’t get caught up in that tango.

How I have been feeling recently is, you can’t rush love, and maybe I don’t really even know what love is anyway.  So I here I am, off the dating apps(for now hah).  Sliding my patient pants back on until further notice.

What’s the cliche thing people say? Love finds you when your not looking.

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