They called me Mowgli

You’re familiar with the Jungle book, yes?  Mowgli is the little boy who is raised in the jungle by animals, and then one day discovers humans and transitions to a life with a village of his people.

I was visiting my grandparents for a family affair this weekend; as the night wound down the neighbors down the streets night was turning up.  All I could hear was laughing splashing and throw back rap songs.  If you know me- you know I cannot resist a potential dance floor with some juicy tunes.

My interest was peaked.

The family affair ended, grandparents went to bed, and I went on a walk to scope out this party I wasn’t invited to and didn’t know a single person at.

As I strolled toward the music I wondered, “Am I crazy?  Is this weird? What if I am walking right into a bad situation?  Is this comparable to that time in Thailand when I hiked up the back of a mountain at night beaconed by the music and wound up at a killer party?”

I walked by at first and just kept going.  Not knowing if I should even bother, when I walked back by to potentially go home there were people on the street who invited me to join.  Bingo! 🙂

I walked into the party dancing and made instant friends.  The whole situation was good vibes, a big fire, friendly welcoming people.  They gave me a few instant nicknames, Mowgli because I appeared as if from the jungle, and forest because I was wearing all earth green.  When I was done I left as covertly as I showed up and snuggled down at my grandparents fully satisfied.

Now- I barely get up to Paradise to see my family, so I don’t think I made any life long deep connections in this scenario but for about an hour I danced and had good interactions with nice people.

I dare to guess that most humans would have simply listened from afar and desired to join but would have never even taken the walk to look into it.  There is nothing wrong with that, but you inherently live a life in a smaller world when your not willing to push through those fearful thoughts to explore new bounds.  Naturally I recommend proceeding with caution so you don’t wind up in a bad situation, even Mowgli almost got taken out be a hypnotic snake.

That evening for me was just little reminder to not let fear of the unknown or nervousness about what others might think limit how/where I navigate in this world.


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