What the Vipassana?


Isn’t it interesting the time it takes for some callings to come to fruition?

Often I wonder, why don’t we answer our deepest callings sooner?  Months, years, and unfortunately sometimes a whole lifetime we shoo our true callings away.  As if their a pesky fly that we can’t be bothered by, only to realize that it is not a fly it is actually our spirit seeking to manifest its full potential in this life cycle.

In trying to find the reason for this phenomenon it reminds me of the saying, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Once we establish a better knowing of self we start to pick up on the things that call to us deeply with the faintest whisper or even an indirect nudge/cue.

At the end of the day we all evolve differently, and there are infinite factors that play into the rate at which it occurs for each of us.

At this point you might still be asking your self, what the heck is a vipassana?

Well my friend, vipasssana is a silent meditation involving concentration on the body or its sensations, and the insight that this provides.  These meditations are offered in 3, 5, or 10 day sessions and are facilitate at different monasteries and temples all over the world.

The idea is you remove all of your daily distractions from the life you are currently living, so you are able to connect with the true nature of being.

Things I hope to discover while I am reveling with Me, Myself, and I for 240 undisturbed hours…

  • Who am I without all my creature comforts?
  • Who am I if I’m not actively practicing the things I am passionate about? (writing, dancing, healing, producing)
  • Who am I if I carry with me nothing I identify with?
  • Who am I without the stimulants?
  • Who am I with 2 controlled meals per day?
  • Who am I without my yoga mat?
  • Who am without stretch pants??
  • Who am I if I don’t do all these things that I always do?
  • Will I chew slower?
  • Will I enjoy food more?
  • Will I adapt to waking up at 4am quickly?
  • Will I be less attached to things that currently I experience extreme attachment to?
  • I Imagine its going to physically hurt to sit on my bum nearly all day long, my body will ache in places I have never noticed before.
  • I Imagine coming away from the experience I might feel energetically balanced.
  • I Imagine make connection or have ideas/realizations it will be incredibly frustrating to not be able to write them down.
  • I Imagine my dreams are going to be vivid, telling and healing
  • I imagine I will experience somewhat of a detox.
  • Maybe I’ll learn some things that have a positive impact on how I move and engage through this life experience.
  • Perhaps I’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of why do I move the way that I do?
  • I wonder if I have the right amount of focus and surrender will I be able to tap into desired states at will, or even tap into the minds ability to construct clear visualizations with the seed of a thought.

If you’re at all intrigued or curious to know more about this experience I highly encourage you to check out this quick 38 minute podcast by Aaron Alexander, Neuroscience of Meditation.  I have found it to be the most interesting and informative.

Thanks for tuning in.

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