Flipside: Falling forward


Ahhh here I find myself…

At the annual marker that declares I have completed a full 29 years of existence.

These days I see birthdays as a neat opportunity to reflect on what I have accomplished in the last 12 months.

It’s super important to give ourselves a pat on the back every now and again, and while we should probably be patting ourselves on the back on the daily- speaking for myself alone- often I don’t make/find the time or headspace to do so.

In addition to saying,

“Good job self, I’m proud of you.”

It’s equally as important to evaluate where you may have experienced some hang ups.

With distraction literally at our fingertips: Self-discipline, focus, and motivation are constantly being challenged.

Side note:  Sometimes I think about people who became parents accidentally at a young age (not in a judgmental way, but from a purely observational stand point).  They shift from being children disciplined by an authority to being an authority responsible for disciplining another human.  In essence, they skipped right past a very valuable time period: the space between having an authority figure, and being an authority figure. That time period is where a person learns to be an authority for themselves.

I feel like how that translates into the world is: there are a lot of adults out there who are really good at telling other people how to live their lives but when left to their own devices they either: distract/fixate, indulge self-righteously , or become directionless and depressed.  (Obviously that is a mass generalization, but it is something I have become aware of as a thing that happens in the world.  It can also be applied to people who are perpetually in a relationship.)

We can all agree it is easier to give advice- than to take and apply it.  It is also easier to tell someone else where they need to grow, and what they can, can’t, and should do with their lives: leveraging your authority over them.

I digress.

Moving forward: 

Since I personally have been in that space for many years now (the space between having an exterior authority in my life and being an authority & I do not have a partner to deflect on) I have no excuse to not be slaying the self discipline game!  I STILL STRUGGLE.

How will this 28 year old, childless, partnerless, young woman re-calibrate and set the bar higher for herself moving forward?

Continual self-evaluation.

Self-love. (Nightly self-massage)

Healthy rituals. (Dance, meditation, candles, home cooking)

Moderation of the not so healthy rituals (Caffein + THC)

By applying herself with more concentrated efforts in the skincare and movement industries.

Remember: Failing is just FALLING FORWARD.

Frequent technology cleanses: first one October 1st-14th.


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