My current mantra:
I’m curious,
I’m open,
I’m excited.
The future is thrilling. 


It’s rare to catch me without a pen and paper.  Ever since I can remember writing has been a very therapeutic life-skill for me, as I have grown through life my writing has evolved and meant different things to me.

When I got back from Thailand in 2014 I became inspired to start sharing my thoughts and life experiences to a larger audience, it is on this platform I have chosen to open up and share with whom ever cares to tune in.

To check out how else I offer my energies to the world please click over to my professional website: www.beingyourbestself.vision


Namaste Karissa

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. We don’t know each other but yesterday my wife Lisa comes up to me and says she met the most amazing person at the salon- “she teaches yoga, she’s been on all these cool adventures, she reads and writes all the time… she even knows that agape word you talk about!” Then she hands me your card and tells me I should see for myself. So with a little help from Google I find this blog (and yeah, she was right, wow). Anyway, I thought you’d find the whole thing funny and I wanted to say thanks for writing and that I enjoyed reading.


  2. Ha, so once again feelings prove one step ahead of me. And yes, stimulating for sure. But I will confess a level of disappointment with the apparent rap omission…. no lyrics, no beats, no moves, no you dropping the mic, nothing. And after what I was told I had expectations! 🙂


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