53 days in Thailand

24 days in Australia

23 days in New Zealand (and counting)

100 days out of the states

3 Countries

4 Islands

13 Towns

7 Plane rides

4 Ferries

2 Car ferries.12620420_10153352393551769_687224304_o

2 Dodgy long tail boat rides

10 or so Busses

or so Trains, 2 of which were long distance.

1 Kick ass road trip with this guy..


About 17 different places I have turned into home for a variety of different lengths of time. Ranging from a tent, hostels, hotels, peoples homes, and the 20 bed dorm I liked to call the orphanage I lived in for 33 days during my teacher training.

Attended 1 yoga retreat & 1 yoga teacher training.
Rapped my heart out at 3 open mic nights in Thailand.

Not to say there hasn’t been a fair share of delicious weather I have been caught in a variety of different storms. Seems when you plan to chase summer around the world the world goes against all googles accumulative data and shovels on the monsoons and torrential down pours in excess. I have spent many a days longing for the sunshine and finding beauty in the wetness.



I have had 2 Amazing Skype dates with my sister and nephew,  Ashly & Wyatt, and 3 with my wonderful Grampie.

I have received many loving messages from people who matter a great deal to me from home like Amanda Budde, Cassidy Collins, Christine Sitts, Sarah Beth, Andres Rios, my mom, my aunts, my Grandmas. (just to name a few) The timing I received these messages was often a time when I really needed it.  A few words go a long way when you are a LONG way from home.


I have been to 6 different yoga studios and have taught about 8 classes since I acquired my teacher certificate.

Read 3 books,

& Filled an entire journal.

As far as I have planned currently is I fly back to Sydney on January 26th, and that is all I know for certain.  Potentially scoot down to visit a few beautiful humans in Melbourne (Miss MaryRose & Candice) and then head to Bali. Or Head straight to Bali. At this rate the planning part of traveling is still something I tend to let fall into place more in the moment than anything else.  “Along for the ride, but not sure where I am headed,” type of mode.  As Grampie says “If you don’t know where you are going any path will get you there.” Hah, yup.

Which all in all has been serving me pretty well so far.  The airport wouldn’t let me on my flight to Auckland until I bought a ticket leaving, so sometimes when you put off planning your forced to make quick decisions. Which I think is ultimately helpful because I wasn’t making any solidified choices on my New Zealand whereabouts until I was cornered into it.

I have one country left to conquer and that would be Indonesia.  Bali, in particular.  I figure I will spend about a month there and maybe mosey on back to Thailand for a few more weeks before I make my way back to the states.

100 Days down.

Somewhere between 50 & 70 days to go.  Thanks for tuning in…

Live Authentic. Travel Abundantly.  Love with no limit.

PS: Sun literally just came out for the first time in 3 days, BLESS IT, I am going outside. Peace out!!!


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