There is a certain amount of unsettledness that I am re-experiencing in my life right now.  When you plan on leaving your home country for large quantities of time, it is not as easy as just picking up and going on a whim.  Though that would be nice, there is actually quiet a bit of forethought that is involved with international travel.

VISAS: Which visas do you need for which countries?  Do you need them before you go there? Or can you show up and get it there in the airport?

INSURANCE:  Do you have travel insurance, or are you going to roll the dice on foreign land?

AIRFARE:  When are you flying from one country to the next because you won’t get your visa for the first country if you don’t show proof that your leaving.

TRANSPORTATION: How will you get from point A to point B once you have landed.

BANKS: Let your banks know where you will be and when, so your card doesn’t get marked as fraudulent while trying to pull Thai Baht out of an ATM machine.  Surely having a declined card in a place you can’t hop in your car and drive home would suck a big fat donkey… you know.

In addition to actually doing what it takes to be allowed in a country and getting to the destination in mind, there are ends I have to tie right here in my current reality before I become air born.  I have to give two weeks notice at my current job.  It is a weird feeling knowing as of October 1st my earning will again be put on pause and I will live off only what I have already created for a period of time.  It is like this subtle dance back and forth, of empowered aliveness and fear of falling on my face.  I have to just smile at the self doubt because I have only ever shown myself that I am pretty good at landing on my feet.

Also I would like to see as many of my beautiful friends and family without spreading myself too thin before I take off…

Girlfriends: Open invitation. There will be a Yosemite trip the first weekend of october. Hiking 2 days One night in a hostel.

Sonoma County: I will be in town October 5-10 ISH and i don’t have many of your contacts so lets get together.

Live light. Love your life & Travel.

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