Ride the wave

  Immediately after I came home from Costa Rica I headed to Tahoe for 3 days;  I basically hopped from one blissful holiday vacation right into the next.  When Thursday morning rolled around and it was time to head back to the valley, I’ll say, I started feeling less than blissful real quick.  Dread and … More Ride the wave

Prelude: 25 & alive

Twenty-five and alive, but who am I? Throat constricts; don’t know, from what? Maybe their all as happy as it seems. The modern day facade of happiness invades my thought stream. Booking flights across the Eastern Hemisphere because maybe you’re as real as you seem. Aircraft takes flight based on hopes and dreams. Twenty-five and alive, … More Prelude: 25 & alive


There is a certain amount of unsettledness that I am re-experiencing in my life right now.  When you plan on leaving your home country for large quantities of time, it is not as easy as just picking up and going on a whim.  Though that would be nice, there is actually quiet a bit of … More GEARING UP

72 hours later

New job acquired. Training underway. The whole weekend off. Free to roam. Time to play. Driving home from Sacramento on Friday I noticed a  scenic route that was 20 minutes further and ran by the Camanchi reservoir, which I have never been to or heard of.  I realized once I got pretty close to home … More 72 hours later

Harnessing (week 2)

Week two of my self imposed 21 day challenge is coming to a close. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster.  Being happy and thankful toward myself one second for taking such a leap and disconnecting so much from modern technology, to feeling alienated and wishing I had a way to contact certain people who’s … More Harnessing (week 2)