What does it mean, BEING YES?

I heard a fair amount of mixed opinion on the matter this summer as I tromped around for 7 days carrying a sign that boldly stated, YES; at a festival with 35,000 other people in, Ochoco National Forrest.

I became compelled to create this YES sign weeks prior at this small gathering I attended where I, for the first time, experienced the soul vibrating power of progressive deep house.  As each new long whoompie tone emanated from the speaker my mind started repeating yes over and over again.  It’s like my spirit was communicating with my mind, in english for once! hah.   My body was smiling from inside out as the yesses within me got louder, yes. Yess. YESSS!  Inspired to share the ever growing YES reverberating through me I ran over to the craft table, using some scrap cardboard I painted a quick yes and hopped back on the dance floor.  Bumping the YES sign in the air in full approval of all the DJs creations.  

So at first this YES sign came into play strictly because I wanted to communicate with the DJ’s. YES. I am into it.  You’re rocking my world.  I found it powerful and epic to catch their eyes right after they read the sign because 10 out of 10 times, we would exchange depth filled eye contact with huge ear to ear grins, sometimes even mouthing to each other, yesssssss.

As the festival trickled on I started feeling connected to the YES sign in a more profound way.  Like I had a responsibility to only be places and around people that I felt yes about on all levels because if I were to be anywhere else, I would be falsely advertising my current state of being.  And why allow myself to sit somewhere I felt any inclining of NO about when I had this sweet high vibration sign to share and honor?

90% of the attention the sign drew in was pure magic and happiness.  The amount of gratitude pouring in my direction was phenomenal.  The other 10%, well, every crowd has its batch of people whom feel the need to aggressively holler NO to the YES.

On a few occasions people would offer me party favors or tell me to do bizarre things, when I would politely decline they would argue, “You have the YES sign, you have to say yes!”  It was these few strange encounters that made me really start to contemplate the depth of a simple yes.

What was lost on these people is that saying yes to everything isn’t what BEING YES is about, to me anyway.   How I have come to see it and what I hope to spread vibrationally: The power of yes is learning to say yes to ONLY what serves your greatest good for the kind of life you want to lead.

Being aware of what you are yes about and when you are yes about it will tell you a lot about where you are in this current moment of your life experience.  Realizing that just because you don’t say no to something directly, by saying yes to one thing you are indirectly saying no to another.

What do you say yes to these days?

Once we realize our yeses have implied no’s it makes it easier to prioritize what you choose to say yes to.

Do your yeses align with the person you desire to be?

Things I am focused on BEING YES about would be:

  • Making time to apprecitate nature
  • Conversations with like minded people
  • Movement
  • Healthy eating
  • Writing
  • Pampering people
  • Adventure
  • Fitness
  • Hydration
  • Winter (2017- First winter on record I’ll be attempting to make the most yes) 



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