Ground work

Five months later, Honey I’m HOME!! -Or am I? It is a mixture of comforting and weird to be back in California.  Nothing seems to have changed here, however shifts have occurred within me causing me to look at the same stuff in a different light.  I am in the process of reinventing my whole idea … More Ground work

Harnessing (week 2)

Week two of my self imposed 21 day challenge is coming to a close. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster.  Being happy and thankful toward myself one second for taking such a leap and disconnecting so much from modern technology, to feeling alienated and wishing I had a way to contact certain people who’s … More Harnessing (week 2)

Give me organic.

I want it all organic, not just my veggies.  I want authenticity with myself.  One of the most profound accomplishments I know of is the ability to love and enjoy your own company.  The fulfillment within being and honoring the authentic self is astounding and magical.  After all- to be true with others you must … More Give me organic.