Give me organic.


I want it all organic, not just my veggies. 

I want authenticity with myself.  One of the most profound accomplishments I know of is the ability to love and enjoy your own company.  The fulfillment within being and honoring the authentic self is astounding and magical.  After all- to be true with others you must first be true with yourself, right?  Do you make choices that honor the person you want to be? If you saw a dear friend or  your child doing things you are doing to yourself would you encourage them to continue or maybe point them in a different direction?  It is so easy to give another advice, but taking your own can be quiet simply a bitch.  There is that emotions vs logic thing, and it is hard to see the picture when you are in the picture.


Do you ever feel like an interaction you have with someone is inorganic? Toxic? Un-natural? Awkward?  There have been many occasions in my life where I exit a moment with a person and it has left this filmy residual unease all over me.   I seek authenticity.  I seek the people who you would never question who they are when you’re not around.

Superficial doesn’t do it for me. I do not know how to play that roll probably because I am full blown transparent.  I do not know how to feel one way about some thing and pretend to feel a different way about it.  I am sure we are all acquainted with people who are totally cool with a superficial life; conversations never getting deeper than finger nails, haircuts, and what was on TV last night.  There is nothing wrong with these conversations, but on their own they are very surface layer topics.  Me personally? I am not interested in merely scratching the surface; I like getting to the bottom layer with my company (no pun intended, ha).

I want people surrounding me who see beyond the surface and have no hesitations about diving through it.  The people I have found who have really had an impact in my life are people who think out of the box, take risks, have goals, and chase their dreams.  People who think of how to get what they want out of their life experience and whatever may be in their way contains no relevance, are worthy company in my opinion.  After all we are who we associate with.

The people I respect the most are people that respect themselves.  You want to turn me on?  Have standards about what you put into your body and how you treat it; be in hot pursuit of the things you are most passionate about.  I enjoy people who are raw and willing to bear their souls because they see no reason not to.

How do we as a common being avoid the over processed existence that is so prevalent around us?  Upon brainstorming these are a few things I have come up with…

1. Value whats real.

Place value and energy where it will reap benefits.  If you continually value drinking after work so much that your whole next day is trashed because you need to recoup from the escapades, is it worth it?  If we spend 5 hours a day on social media are we gaining any real fulfillment? When we value the basics such as a full nights rest, a clean diet, stimulating healthy human interaction then we create space in our lives for beauty to unfold.

2. Honor your intuitive guide.

We are all familiar with this tango.  The little voice that for some reason or another we love to question,  or maybe we don’t even question it.  We see it, we here it, we know whatever it is signaling to us is pure truth, yet the carnal human that also occupies our being dismisses it.  What would your life look like if just for every 1 out of 3 times you felt like ignoring your intuition instead you followed it?  Personally I know it has been working out for me very well.  On multiple occasions I have felt like kicking my own ass for sticky situations I could have avoided.  On the other side of the token, when I have listened to my inner wisdom I have been undoubtably grateful for it.

3. Be proactive.

To want is one thing, to take action is another.  Wanting is a key component, but putting in steps of action toward that want is required.  A dream will only ever be a dream until you put substantial thought into how to make it a reality.

Give me organic

While life won’t hesitate to throw us curve balls placing value in the right places, listening to our inner guide and being proactive are all baby steps in the right direction.


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