61 things I learned in 41 hours of yoga


In no particular order this is a compilation of phrases instructors repeated during classes that struck me, poses that were new to me, new sequences, and thoughts that came to me during my physical practice.

1. Your mind will quit long before your body will.

2.  King pigeon


3.  Side crow

4.  See your thoughts, recognize them, imagine they are attached to a string, and cut that string allowing your thoughts to simply drift away.  Breathe

5.  Fish

photo 1

6.  Flying fish

7.  Ujjayi Breathing: A way of breathing during your practice to improve concentration and ability to connect with your body.

8.  Your EGO is not your AMIGO.

9.  Chair – Hands heart center – Twist – Opposite foot back

10. From toe balance into side crow

11. Flying side crow

photo 2

12.  Standing pigeon

13.  Standing pigeon to flying pigeon arm balance

14. 1/2 Camel arm flow


15.  Step out of your way and into a new realm of consciousness.

16.  Forward fold one hand planted twist

17.  Half bow


18.  Squat bind

19.  Forearm handstand (one day I will be able to do it on my own!)

20.  Mermaid arms in reverse warrior 2

21.  Hands at heart center chair twist


22. Handstand from L drill

23. Use blocks for support when working toward splits

24. From crescent lunge straighten the front leg and bring back leg to tippy toes. Hinge at the hips, bend over front leg stretching hips toward the sky. If available hover front foot off the ground.


25.  Bring feet to touch in seated position (butterfly), lace arms under legs and keeping back flat hinge forward.

26.  From table top extend back leg to cross behind the other.  Ballerina arms, open chest.

27.  Roll up to standing arms up, inhale.  Exhale arms open and back.

28. Always look where you want to go.


29. Warrior 3 – standing, back leg swings forward and up bringing knee to chest, stand tall – take a twist, opposite arm pulling knee across chest and other arm extends out.

30.  Seated half Pigeon quad stretch.

31.  Half straddle twist, one knee take quad stretch, the other extends, reach for extended leg.

32.  Close butterfly, open feet like book, hinge forward, flat back.

33.  Side plank grab toe and straighten one leg out in front of you.


34.  Notice where you are resisting

35.  Goddess twist & bind (use opposite hand to grab leg, head under)

36.  Lizard forward twist (reach back add quad stretch)

37.  Running man arm balance

photo 3

38.  Three legged dog – bring knee to arm pit – knee to wrist – knee to arm pit (again and again, work that core)

39.  1 handed camel

40.  Reversed trikonasana open arm twist

41.  Standing camel back bend

42.  Heros pose upper foot stretch from fists

43.  Honor your body

44.  Seated cat/cow

45.  Hands inner laced behind the head in lunges

46.  Get out of your mind and on to your mat.


47.  Toe balance upper body twist

48.  Standing split – Knee to nose

49.  Move with your body with your breath

50.  Close down dog, grab ankle with opposite hand.

51.  Crescent lunge eagle arm back bend.


52.  Wrist warm up from table top

53.  Compas pose

54.  Inverted kick floats

55.  Relax your face

56.  Head stand with forearms planted finally became available to me (briefly) 🙂

photo 4

57.  Finally connected what they mean when they are saying roll over your toes from up dog to down dog.

58.  Reversed seated twist- planting hands & angling top foot align with them – reach arm closest to legs for the extended foot- ground in alternate foot and hand and lift the stretched leg off the ground.   (I have no idea the name for that, but it was fun, new and I liked it)

59.  Drishti, or focused gaze, is a means for developing concentrated intention.

60.  Keep extended foot flexed in half moon pose.

61.  Reversed crescent lunge chest opener


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