What does it mean, BEING YES? I heard a fair amount of mixed opinion on the matter this summer as I tromped around for 7 days carrying a sign that boldly stated, YES; at a festival with 35,000 other people in, Ochoco National Forrest. I became compelled to create this YES sign weeks prior at this small gathering I … More BEING YES

My Thai anthem

  I vividly remember the moment the first two lines of this piece fired up out of my core.  It was my 4th evening on my first solo traveling trip ever;  I was stretching in a hostel in Northern Thailand, Pai to be exact.  The walls were bright teal and the fans worked.  “This place … More My Thai anthem

A panoramic life

In no particular order this is a collection of most of the panoramic shots I have taken since embarking upon this wild adventure October 12th, 2015. Among this collection are some of my favourite shots with everything from pieces of street art seen in the cities, sunrises, sunsets, beaches, views from tents I camped out … More A panoramic life


53 days in Thailand 24 days in Australia 23 days in New Zealand (and counting) 100 days out of the states 3 Countries 4 Islands 13 Towns 7 Plane rides 4 Ferries 2 Car ferries. 2 Dodgy long tail boat rides 10 or so Busses 7 or so Trains, 2 of which were long distance. & 1 Kick ass road trip with … More Milestone